Fix Kaspersky Total Security Error 27300

Kaspersky Security Error 27300

Kaspersky Total Security protects your computer from all kinds of threats, including viruses and malware like Trojans, adware, cryptolockers, and other threats. Both the trial and the full version of this application is easy to use.

But, some users have encountered the Kaspersky Total Security Error 27300 while installing the software on their computer. In case you encounter the same error, then this web page will help you to resolve it.

The error message looks like as follows:

“Error 27330. Error installing driver [driver name] Error code: [error code]”

Kaspersky Total Security Error 27300
Error code Driver Solution


















The section below covers all the possible drivers and their corresponding error codes.

Error code: 2147024891 & Driver: mklif.sys

  • This error code indicates that incompatible applications have been installed on your computer. 
  • To resolve this error code, check whether you have installed any incompatible application on your computer. If yes, uninstall it. 
  • Also, delete the Kaspersky application files installed earlier on your computer using the Kavremover tool.

Error code: 2146500025 & Driver: klim6.sys

  • Check if you have enabled the verification of digital signatures for drivers on your OS.
  • If yes, disable them temporarily.
  • You can enable the digital signatures for the driver after reinstalling the Kaspersky Total Security software on your computer.

Error code: 21470233836 & Driver: klim6.sys; Error code: 2147024809 & Driver: klkbdflt2.sys; Error code: 214023170 & Driver: Any; Error code: 2146024864 & Driver: Any; Error code: 2147023824 & Driver: klim6.sys and Error code: Other & Driver: Other

  • If any of the above error codes are displayed, then check whether there are any residue Kaspersky files. 
  • If yes, remove them using the Kavremover tool.

Error code: 2146500043 & Driver: mklif.sys

This error indicates that the Kaspersky application that you’re trying to install is incompatible with your OS running on the Snapdragon processor.

Error code: 2147024883 & Driver: klim6.sys

Most of the Windows 7 and Windows 8 users might encounter this error code frequently. If you’re using Windows 7 or 8, then change the following registry on your computer:

Rename the parameter Config to Config2. After changing the parameter, make sure to restart your computer.

Error code: 21470224770 & Driver: Any

If you’re a Windows 10 user, then check whether you have installed the latest updates. If not, update your device and then try to reinstall Kaspersky.

Error code: 2147416359 & Driver: Any

  • Check if the Network Setup Service of your computer is active.
  • If not, activate it.
  • If the service is active and still you encounter this error code, then the Network Setup Service of your computer might be damaged. 
  • If required, reinstall the OS on your computer.

Error code: 2147418113 & Driver: mklif.sys

  • To resolve this error code, boot your Windows computer in Safe mode.
  • Open the CMD application and run the following commands: 

net stop cryptsvc

ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2_old

net start cryptsvc

Now, try to reinstall the Kaspersky Total Security application on your Windows computer.

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