Microsoft Outlook email-User-friendly email client

Instead of logging into your outlook email account from a web browser, you can access it from Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a part of a Microsoft Office suite and is used by millions across the globe for its reliability and accessibility even without a proper internet connection.

Microsoft Outlook-User-friendly email client
Microsoft Outlook email-User-friendly email client

Accessing outlook email too often from a web browser is not convenient and at times insecure as well. Using an email client, you can quickly log into your account. One of the best email clients is Microsoft Outlook. The feature that makes the Microsoft Outlook application unique from other email clients is you can create a separate pathway to manage certain emails and contacts. The options might differ depending on the version of Microsoft Outlook you use. So far, the available Outlook email versions are Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and 2002. Now, let’s learn how to add or configure an email account on Microsoft Outlook.

  • The Accounts option available in the Tools section lets you open the Add Account wizard. Providing the email address and password for your email account is necessary to begin the configuration.
  • Email configuration can be done in two ways; Automatic and Manual.
  • The automatic configuration is very simple because Outlook gets all your account details when you provide the email address that you are trying to add to it.
  • Instead, if you prefer to go for the manual configuration, focus on the server details.
  • Before proceeding with the manual email configuration, you have to know about email server settings of your email service provider.
  • An outlook email server manages transfer of emails over a network, and it includes incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • The details of these email server settings have to be filled. You can prefer using POP or IMAP for the incoming mail server.
  • The server address of this incoming server depends on the email domain you are going to add.
  • The standard port provided by ISP is 995 for POP and 993 for IMAP. Both of these ports are for an encrypted connection.

The next thing you have to concentrate on is the outgoing mail server. For secure mail transfer, TLS and SSL protocols have to be set. 587 and 465 are the ports for the SMTP (outgoing mail) server for outlook email.