Mouse Pointer Not Working Windows 10

Mouse Pointer Not Working Windows 10

Many people using the latest Windows OS versions (11 and 10) have reported that the mouse pointer is not working on their desktop or laptop. This article is for you if you’re also in the same boat.

In this section, we have shown how you can fix the Mouse Pointer Not Working Windows 10.

Mouse Pointer Not Working On Windows 10 - Let’s Fix It Together

First Things First

  • First, ensure that the mouse is securely connected to your computer or laptop. If you’re using a wireless mouse, ensure that the fully charged battery is installed on it.
  • Next, check if the mouse is damaged. You can verify it by connecting the mouse to another computer. If the mouse is not working, that means it is damaged.
  • Otherwise, restart your device to fix this problem.
  • If the restart process also doesn’t fix the mouse pointer not working problem, check if the touchpad is enabled on your printer. If not, enable it.
  • In some Acer laptop series, there will be a button on its keyboard that disables the touchpad feature. So, if your laptop has any such button, press it to fix this problem.

Mouse Pointer Not Working - Windows 10 - 3 Simple Solutions

Re-enable Mouse

  • Open Device Manager on your Windows 10 or 11 computer.
  • Now, press the Tab button.
  • Select the Mice and Other pointing devices option using the Down and Up arrow buttons.
  • Now, press the Forward Arrow button to expand the selected option.
  • Choose the mouse driver using the Down Arrow button.
  • Now, press the Shift and F10 buttons simultaneously to open the Context Menu list of the mouse driver.
  • Choose the Disable Device option. Now, re-enable the mouse by choosing the Enable Device option from its Context Menu list.

Disable ‘Hide pointer while typing’

  • Open Run and type main.cpl.
  • Tap Enter. Now, the Mouse Properties dialog box will open.
  • Go to the Pointer Options tab using the Ctrl + Tab button combo.
  • Highlight the Hide pointer while typing option using the Tab button and uncheck it by pressing the Space button on the keyboard.
  • Select Apply using the Tab button.

Update The Mouse Driver

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Expand the following section 'Mice and Other pointing devices.'
  • Choose your mouse driver. Press Shift + F10 and choose the Update Driver Software option.

After updating the driver, restart your computer. Check if the mouse pointer is working. Contact us if the Mouse Pointer Not Working Windows 10 desktop or laptop. For this purpose, we have included a call option on this page.

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