Mozilla Thunderbird -echoing the browsing experience

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the preferred open-source email clients, and it is from the Firefox developers. The Email option is present in the Set up an email account section. This needs to be selected to start an email configuration process.

Don’t know what are the details you have to remember while configuring your email account on Thunderbird? Here are the settings required. The email address, password, incoming server address and its port, outgoing server address and its port, authentication type should be provided correctly.

Mozilla Thunderbird-echoing the browsing experience
  • Some prefer the automatic email configuration method as it doesn’t require any server settings to be filled. Once you mention your email address and password, it searches for the server settings and connects to it automatically.
  • Manual email configuration is not tough as it seems. All it needs ia correct details in the correct fields.
  • You can check whether you have done the configuration properly by sending a test email to the same email address that you are configuring.
  • If the email which you have sent from your email address is delivered to back to it, then you are successful for mozilla thunderbird.
  • For those who prefer the manual email configuration method, keep your email server settings details ready for mozilla thunderbird.
  • The default port for the incoming and outgoing mail servers provided by ISP are 110 and 25. These are not secure for email transfer. For an encrypted email transfer, ISP recommends you to use the SSL or TLS protocol. The SSL/TLS-enabled port for the incoming mail server is 993 for IMAP and 995 for POP.
  • The secured port for the outgoing mail server is 587 (TLS-enabled) and 465 (SSL-enabled). The server host name varies depending on the email account that you wish to add to Thunderbird. Set authentication to Normal Password.

These server settings are the most important factors in Mozilla Thunderbird email, and you should be careful while entering them.