Need help setting up your wireless router

You require for setting up your wireless router connection to link all your devices to a single network. It is the same network that provides the internet connection to multiple devices on the network. But you need to carry out certain steps to attain the router connection. Before that, keep the cables, port details, and router information (IP address, SSID & Password) ready.

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  • At first, you have to connect the router WAN port (Internet port) to the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • e WAN port is similar to the other LAN ports on the router, but it is generally different in color, or it is placed separately from the other ports. So it is quite simple to identify the ports.
  • Its time to connect the router LAN port to your computer device with the help of another Ethernet cable.
  • ere will be few LAN ports on the router; you can use any one of those to connect and setting up your wireless router.
  • After all these secured connections, switch on the router.
  • To configure the router, you have to open the browser and enter the router IP address. It is not difficult to get the router IP address, most of the time you can find it on the router device itself. 
  • Not everyone can access your router settings page, so you are provided with a username and password, which is also available on your router device. Use these credentials to get access to your router setup page.
  • You can set up the basic and security settings for the wireless network of the router. Don’t forget to save the settings, then disconnect the Ethernet cable connecting the router to the computer.
  • When you want a new device to connect to the network, the wireless network passkey that was set in the wireless security settings has to be used to connect to the network. Otherwise, the device will not be able to connect to the network.
  • When setting up your wireless router is complete, connect more devices to the router, and relish your network service.