Network connection? Yes. No Internet Connection?

It can be a real disappointment for not having no internet connection in this digital world. The main cause of such an issue need not be the internet connectivity alone. The devices that you use, such as routers, computers, and Wi-Fi extenders, can be the reason behind the internet issues.

Network connection? Yes. Internet? No
  • Sometimes, the router device may not be appropriately connected to the computer or smartphone or modem. Make sure all the external cable connections are secured.
  • When the internet authentication has failed because no internet connection, the internet access can get disrupted. The Internet Service Provider can even block your account, so check and get your account unblocked.
  • The routers are capable of indicating the condition of the network connection. To understand the reason for the lack of internet, check the led lights on the router to
  • Suppose the internet service got suddenly disconnected when you were using it, and there was no sign on the router about the inactive internet connection; turn off the router and modem then restart them to check the status of the internet.
  • Confirm the network settings of the router and the devices which use the network connection. Improper network settings lead to no internet connection.
  • The security software tools running on your device and the security settings of the routers may prevent internet access. Try turning off the security settings temporarily while no internet connection.