Nvidia Shield Error Code 11

Nvidia Shield Error Code 11

NVIDIA SHIELD is a streaming device, which uses the Android operating system, developed especially for gaming purposes, besides you can watch your favorite videos and TV channels. When you mount any of the installed games on the device, sometimes, Nvidia Shield Error Code 11 may occur on the screen. Continue to read the reasons behind the error and the different ways to fix it.

Causes of the error:

  • If the internet is a VPN connection, then there are high chances that the error occurs.
  • Outdated device software can lead to such an error.
  • A technical issue in the device can create an error.

Solutions for the error:

1. Upgrade the software

  • On the main screen of the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, select the Settings menu, then choose the About option.
  • Next, from the list of options, select the System Upgrade menu.
  • Wait until the device updates and verify if the error is withdrawn.

2. Disconnect VPN

  • In case you connect the SHIELD TV to the Virtual Private Network, then disconnect the service.
  • Power off the device and turn it on again.
  • Now, connect the device to the direct internet service.

3. Restart the device

  • Go to the Settings menu on the main screen and select the Restart menu.
  • If the error persists even after that, then disconnect the power cord of the device.
  • After some time, reconnect the power cord and check if the Nvidia Shield Error Code 11 is fixed.

4. Check the network connection

  • The network to which the SHIELD device is connected can be unstable.
  • Under Settings, click the Network option. You can see the available network names on the screen.
  • Disconnect the network service and retry to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Connect your other devices to the Wi-Fi router network to verify whether the network is good.