How to fix Nvidia Shield Netflix Error Nw 6404?

Nvidia Shield Netflix Error Nw 6404

The Issue:

When you try to connect to Netflix through your Nvidia Shield, the Netflix app may fail to connect with the error code NW-6-404. You would have uninstalled and reinstalled Netflix on the Nvidia Shield. You might have also tried factory resetting the Nvidia Shield. Still, you will be encountering the same Nvidia Shield Netflix Error Nw 6404.

The Solution:

  • If you are encountering the error- NW-6-404 on your Nvidia Shield, first ensure that you have installed the Netflix app from your Google Play Store.
  • In case you are not able to find the Netflix app in your Google Play Store, it means that your Nvidia Shield is not compatible with Netflix. You need to use some other device for streaming.
  • But if you have installed the Netflix app from your Google Play Store, it indicates that your Nvidia Shield brand was just forced to install the Netflix app even though Netflix does not support this brand.
  • Once the system detects that a non-supportable device is accessing Netflix, it will stop functioning altogether. It is, in fact, illegal. Your Nvidia Shield does not have the license to partner with Netflix.
  • Netflix was previously supporting devices like your Nvidia Shield, but now it is not. And, hence the error-NW-6-404.
  • As of now, Netflix does not support Android boxes, including your Nvidia Shield. Netflix actively blocks these devices. It supports only Roku, PS4, XBOX, WII, and Apple box. So, if you try to access Netflix on your Nvidia Shield, an error with the code NW-6-404 will pop up.


There is no means of troubleshooting the Nvidia Shield Netflix Error Nw 6404. You have to change your device and try to access Netflix from this device. And, before you purchase the new device, please ensure that Netflix supports it. Please have a look at the names of the devices that are supported by Netflix.