Pitney Bowes Won't Printing

Pitney Bowes Won't Printing

Pitney Bowes not printing is one of the common problems that are faced by many Pitney Bowes printer users. So, we have created this article for users struggling with this problem to help them resolve it by themselves.

Let’s Get Started! Pitney Bowes Won't Printing

Pitney Bowes Won’t Print- Let’s Fix It Together

The Pitney printer may not respond to the print operation due to so many reasons. The printer experts say that it happens:

  • When you use the printer after not using it for a long time.
  • When you overuse the printer. That means performing the print operation continuously on your printer.
  • When the printer faces an internal problem.

Although the ‘Pitney Bowes won’t print’ problem occurs due to so many reasons, you can resolve it in no time.

Now, begin the troubleshooting from the easy and simple methods below.

Restart Or Reboot The Pitney Printer

The procedure for restarting all the series of Pitney printers is not the same. This section explains how you need to restart the Pitney SendPro C Lite, SendPro C, SendPro+, and SendPro C Auto series printers.

  • Ensure that your Pitney Bowes printer is turned on.
  • Gently unplug the power cord from your printer.
  • Now, you can see the Shutting Down message on the printer screen.
  • Once the printer turns off successfully, count for 30 seconds.
  • After that, connect the power cord back to the printer and turn it on.
  • Now, try to print a test page to check if your printer is printing.
  • If the Pitney Bowes printer is not printing, try the solution given below.

Resolve The Connectivity Issues

  • Sometimes connectivity issues might also lead to these kinds of problems.
  • To check it, disconnect your printer from the Internet and try to print a test document.
  • If you are using the Pitney Bowes SendPro C series printer, follow the instructions below for the same.
  • If your connection type is Wired, unplug the Ethernet cable from your printer.
  • If your connection type is Wireless, tap on Settings on the printer’s home screen.
  • Choose Wi-Fi and tap on the Slide button beside it.
  • Now, restart the printer. (Refer to the previous section).
  • After your printer restarts, reconnect the Ethernet cable or enable the Wi-Fi feature to connect the printer to the Internet.

Clean The Printer Nozzles

  • If the printer nozzles are blocked due to dried ink or dirt particles, there is a chance for these kinds of print problems to occur.
  • This happens when you haven’t used the printer for a long time. Clean the printer nozzles to resolve this.
  • You can clean the Pitney Bowes printer nozzle manually or from the printer control panel. (The procedure varies based on the printer series model you’re using).
  • The instructions below show you how to clean the printer nozzles and print heads manually.
  • Open the printer cover followed by the blue lids of the heads.
  • Remove the print heads from their slots.
  • Check and clean the nozzles and print heads using a lint-free cloth. (Avoid using water or any liquid to clean the heads and nozzles because they might damage the components).
  • After doing that, reinstall the heads and close the blue lids.
  • Close the cover and print a test page.

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