Ring Doorbell Error Downloading Video

While you are using the Ring doorbell, you might encounter certain issues, just as in any other device. Some of the problems might occur when you are trying to download your videos.

We will look into one such issue after you have installed the Ring Doorbell Pro 2.

The Issue:

  • There might be no issues with the setup, chime works, or video records. But, when someone is ringing your doorbell, and you try to open the app to see the video, you will face this issue:
  • You will just find a blue circle, and that means your video is trying to get downloaded. But, the downloading process never gets completed, and you cannot see the video. The only way to see that video is by watching the recordings. There is not much use in viewing the recordings because you want to watch the video right at that moment - you have to see who is currently at your door.
  • Your connection and signal strength might be good. Still, you cannot watch the videos irrespective of what device you are using. You might face the same video error in another situation also - when you get an alert for motion.
Remove Ring Doorbell

How to Resolve the Issue?

Solution 1:

  • In the Live view settings, make sure that you have set fast connection instead of standard.

Solution 2:

  • On your router, disable the NAT Acceleration option.
  • When you disable the above option and then reboot your router, the video will download within 10 seconds (approximately).