Safari Browser Not Printing The Webpage

Printing issues are common and can happen due to many reasons. If you aren’t able to print a webpage from your Safari browser, check the connection between your printer and Mac as the first step. Because, in most situations, connection problems have been the main reason behind printing issues. Let’s see how to fix the Safari Browser Not Printing the Webpage issue.

Check the print settings:

You might not be able to print the webpage if the settings don’t match the requirements. To fix this issue, check the print settings.

  • To begin with, check if your printer name is selected in the Print dialog box.
  • Verify the print settings and make the necessary changes.
  • Open the Page Setup dialog box in the Safari browser.
  • Check the paper source, size, orientation, and other print settings.
  • Retry to print the webpage to check if the problem is resolved.

Clear the Safari cache:

You cannot blame your printer and the print settings all the time for the issue-Safari browser not printing the webpage. Therefore, sometimes, you have to troubleshoot the browser to fix the printing issue.

  • In the Safari browser, click the Safari menu at the top-left corner and select the Preferences option.
  • Click the Privacy tab and select the Manage Website Data option.
  • Click the Remove All button to clear all the cache data.
  • If a confirmation window pops up, click the Remove Now button.
  • Click Done and check if you can print the webpage.
  • If necessary, run Safari in Safe Mode to check if some other programs are blocking you from printing the webpage.

How about changing the DNS settings?

  • Click the Apple menu at the top-left corner of your Mac desktop.
  • Select the System Preferences option from the drop-down list.
  • Click Network in the System Preferences window.
  • Select your network from the left-side panel and click the Advanced button.
  • Click the DNS tab and go to the DNS Servers section.
  • Next, click the plus symbol next to Ipv4 or Ipv6 addresses.
  • Input in the DNS Servers section and click the OK button.
  • Save the changes and close the Network window.
  • Go to the browser and retry to print the webpage.

Do not worry if your Safari Browser Not Printing the Webpage even after trying out these troubleshooting steps. Our technical experts are very much dedicated to turning the darkest night into the brightest sunrise. So, just click the Call button on this page and connect with them.