Fix: Safari Keeps Crashing When Printing Pdf

Safari Keeps Crashing When Printing Pdf

Do you want to stop Apple’s default Safari web browser from crashing on your Mac computer? Look at this guide to fix a common problem with the Safari web browser when printing PDF or any other file type. Solving it requires only a few steps.Apple is very innovative and comes with some interesting technology compared to any other technology. So, it might be distressful when Safari keeps crashing while you are trying to print some crucial PDF file. No problem. There are quite a few solutions, such as resetting your Mac computer or emptying every cache of Safari for a quick fix. Additionally, resetting the Safari web browser would be the best choice whenever Safari Keeps Crashing When Printing Pdf.

Safari keeps crashing? Here’s a quick solution to fix it

It’s a good idea to empty or clear the cache whenever Safari crashes while printing your PDF file.

  • Initially, turn off your Mac computer. Within a few seconds, turn on the computer.
  • Immediately, press and hold the Shift key.
  • Until you see the login screen, you’ll have to long-press the Shift key.
  • Later, release the key and your computer will now be in safe mode. While your Mac computer is in this mode, you’ll have to navigate to the Finder menu.

Enter the following:


  • From the menu bar, click Go and then navigate to Go to Folder.
  • Next, you’ll have to delete the folder by moving it to the trash.
  • Now, try printing the PDF file on your Mac computer using the default Safari web browser. This time, the PDF will be printed correctly.

Additionally, by updating the software on your Mac computer to the latest version, you’ll be able to fix the “Safari Keeps Crashing When Printing Pdf" issue.Furthermore, resetting the Safari browser makes it easy to resolve the problem. Delete every extension as well if the issue persists. Apply the steps mentioned above for troubleshooting the “Safari keeps crashing” problem while printing the PDF file.