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We keep you updated on the latest Setup and Installation gadgets when they hit the shelves and make you a gadget guru!

We  Assist You In Setting Up Smart Gadgets

A new smart gadget can be quite difficult to Setup and Installation. Our tutorials and guides will help you familiarise yourself with gadgets. When you have a clear idea of how these gadgets work, you will be able to troubleshoot issues and resolve them on your own. This is our vision.


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How to Setup and Installation

Gadget Setup

Smart security systems, smartphones, smart TVs: Learn how to set them up for first-time use.

Gadget Installation

After setting up the gadget, you need to install it. Try our simple tutorials to get it done.

Gadget Troubleshooting

Your gadget should not bring your business down. Read our expert guides to fix gadget issues quickly.


For Setup, We help you with set up your gadgets and install them at your home or office. You will learn the best setup and installation methods to get the most out of your gadget. Set up smart security systems and gadgets with ease.

We help you do

  • Full system clean up and tune-up.
  • Installation of several types of smart security systems.
  • Troubleshoot Windows and Mac computer issues for multiple devices.
  • Unbox and Setup and Installation a new printer for first-time use.
  • Find out why your smart gadget is not connected to the internet.
  • With our step-by-step tutorials, setup and installation of gadgets will become second nature to you. We will help you over phone calls, video chats to troubleshoot virtually any hardware or software issue, and minimize downtime. If necessary, we can also remotely access your computer and get the issue resolved in no time.

Mike helped me install the smart security system. I had little knowledge about it, but he guided me through the entire process patiently ......


All my files were on a hard drive, and it crashed. I thought the files were unrecoverable. However, I called Sam, and he explained to me in detail about the data recovery process. Still, I found it hard. He took over my computer remotely and got my files back. ......

Andy Cash

Tom walked me through the antivirus configuration. I had no idea that a computer was so vulnerable to viruses and malware. Now, my computer is secure. ......

Nikki Conrad