Simplisafe Base Station Not Working

The SimpliSafe base station is the control center of the SimpliSafe home security system. The base station is connected to the Emergency Dispatch Service such that it can alert the user and the authorities in case of any trouble.

Network Using Router

In some situations, the SimpliSafe base station might refuse to work. To solve this problem, try executing the following instructions:

  • Try moving your Simplisafe base station around to find a better connection.
  • Help the base station communicate with the keypad.
  • Ensure that your base station is at a minimum of 3 feet above the ground. Place it on a glass or wooden surface such that it is at least 3 feet off the ground.
  • Please avoid keeping the base station close to other electronic devices.
  • Try moving the base station such that it is 12 to 15 feet from the keypad.
  • If the issue persists, contact our technical support team and get the issue fixed in a few minutes.