Simplisafe Smart Lock Not Calibrated

When the calibrating problem occurs on the Simplisafe Smart Lock device, refer to the simple guidelines mentioned on this web page. These are the workaround solutions to resolve the calibration problem.

System update:

  • First, check if your system is up-to-date. To update the Simplisafe device’s software, press the Menu button on the Keypad.
  • Select the System Settings option followed by the Wi-Fi option.
  • Choose the network name (SSID) of your wireless router and then type its network security key (password).
  • Wait until you see the ‘Wi-Fi should now be connected’ message.
  • Check if any updates are available on the Keypad. If so, update the software of the Simplisafe device to the most recent version.
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Simplisafe Reboot:

  • Disconnect the power cord from the Simplisafe base station and a power socket.
  • After flipping the Simplisafe base station upside down, open the battery compartment.
  • Remove the battery from the base station.
  • After a short interval, place the battery back in the battery compartment of the Simplisafe base station. Reconnect the power cord between the power socket and the Simplisafe base station.

Adding lock in the Simplisafe base station:

  • Delete the lock from the Simplisafe base station and re-add it.
  • If all the above-mentioned instructions do not resolve the calibration problem, press and hold the Test button on the Simplisafe Smart lock for 10 seconds.
  • Get help from our technical support member to resolve the calibration problem on the Simplisafe Smart Lock problem.