How to perform System Troubleshooting?

System Troubleshooting

We are equipped with transformative ideas, problem-solving analysis, and quick fixes that provide you the optimum solution for any system trouble. The answer to a problem lies in the understanding of the problem. Two essential steps of a System Troubleshooting process are

Identifying the system symptoms

  • The system indicates the fault, which helps us to read the signs and causes.

Testing the solution

  • Learning different solutions for the problem and applying the best method to fix it.

The power button will not start computer

  • Plug the power cable to a working outlet and start the computer.

An application is running slowly

  • The multiple programs, tabs, and apps opened can slow down the application.

An application is frozen

  • See that the app supports on the computer; or then, update it.

All programs on the computer run slowly

  • Check if the storage capacity of the hard drive has maxed out.

The computer is frozen

  • It could be hardware/software issues or the presence of malware on the system.

Mouse or keyboard has stopped working

  • Secure the keyboard and mouse connection and then update the system driver.