Tp Link Ac1750 Firmware Download

Download TP-Link Ac1750 Firmware

You have to upgrade the firmware of a router whenever an upgrade is available to improve the performance of the router. In order to upgrade the firmware, you have to download the latest firmware upgrade from the official site of your router. It is recommended to upgrade the firmware of the router to avoid issues and for enhanced security. It also adds new features to the router. Follow the steps below to download TP-Link Ac1750 firmware quickly.

Download The firmware For The TP-Link AC1750 Router

  • Make sure to connect the router and modem using an Ethernet cable.
  • Before downloading the firmware, connect the router to your computer directly using a wired connection.
  • Fix an Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the rear side of the router and connect the other end to your computer.
  • Connect your router and modem to a power source. Then, turn on your computer.
  • Ensure not to download the firmware of the router via a wireless connection.
  • Make sure not to turn off the router, modem, or computer while the downloading process takes place.
  • Go to the official TP-Link website from your web browser.
  • Now, select your router and make sure to download the firmware of the same hardware version.
  • Choose your hardware version from the drop-down list to download Tp-Link Ac1750 firmware.
  • Select the required firmware and download it.
  • Wait until the download process is completed.
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Now, type the IP address of the TP-Link router in the address bar of your browser.
  • When you are prompted to sign in, enter the login credentials of the router.
  • You can find the default login credentials on the router’s label.
  • Once you are on the web-based setup page of the router, go to the System Tools menu.
  • Select the Firmware Upgrade or Firmware option.
  • Now, choose the firmware file by clicking Browse. Then, click on the Upgrade button.
  • Once the firmware is upgraded, the router will restart automatically. If you need a remote assistance to download TP-Link Ac1750 firmware. click the call button.