What Do The Light On A Netgear Router Mean?

Light on A Netgear Router

In general, each light On A Netgear Router is meant to indicate the router's state/condition. Since there is no LCD panel or screen to display the error message or router's status, the LEDs act as the communication bridge between the user and the router.

The LEDs include the Power LED, Internet LED, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi LEDs, USB LEDs, Ethernet LEDs, and WPS LED.

  • Power LED: The Power LED indicates whether the router is receiving power or not when connected to an electrical outlet. When it turns into solid green or white, it indicates that the router is ready for use. When it is turned off, the router will not receive any power supply. If the Power LED is solid amber, it indicates that the router is powering on. The Power LED blinking in amber indicates that the router's firmware is upgrading, or the Reset button is pressed when the settings are changed to factory defaults. If your router's firmware is corrupted, the Power LED will start blinking white. For R8000 router, if the Power LED is blinking amber or white light, it indicates that the router is in AP mode.
  • Internet LED: When there is a poor connection between the router and the modem, the Internet LED will be turned off. The solid green or white light indicates that the Internet connection is ready. The blinking white light of the Internet LED means the port is sending or receiving traffic.
  • USB LED: When no USB device is connected, the USB LED will be turned off. The blinking USB LED indicates that the USB device is plugged in and connected to the router. The USB device is ready to use when the USB LED has turned into solid green or white.
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