What Is The Difference Between A Modem And A Router?

What Is The Difference Between A Modem And A Router

There is always a huge difference between a modem and a router. Only when you know the difference between them, you will have a piece of basic knowledge on how to set up your internet connection or troubleshoot if there are any problems. A modem will allow you to connect to the internet and acts as a gateway. The router helps in distributing the internet connection by acting as the main hub for all your devices. It has become a common problem because people find it difficult to find the difference between a modem and router as they almost look similar with the presence of Ethernet ports, LED lights, and some buttons. Both these devices perform identical functions like transmitting data from a source to a destination. A modem has fewer Ethernet ports than a router, and the modem has a public IP address whereas the router has a private IP address. We shall look into the functions of a modem and a router to know What Is The Difference Between A Modem And A Router

Functions of a modem:

  • The modem is a device that brings and extracts signals from your Internet Service Provider to your connected devices.
  • Its main function is, it acts as a network translator.
  • It converts the signals from your ISP so that it can be used as standard signals that can be used by the network devices
  • The modems help in compressing data packets, rectify the error, and they control the information flow.
  • It helps in speeding up data transmission.
  • It also checks if the information matches a certain set of values assigned to your computer.
  • If the data don’t match, it will be sent back

Functions of a router:

  • The main function of a router is to handle the traffic between different devices.
  • It helps in tracking the MAC address of the devices and ensures if the information is sent correctly.
  • For example, if you browse for a certain video on your phone, the router will ensure that the video is streamed on your phone and not on some other device connected to the same network.
  • The router also helps in connecting multiple devices to the same network. Also, it helps in sharing files, folders, drives of a computer with other devices connected to the same network.
  • It also allows the sharing of devices like fax machines, printers, and scanners.
  • Most of the modern-day routers are equipped with built-in security features that prevent hackers from gaining access to your network.
  • You can also secure your network with a password and prevent unknown users from using the internet. The router interface can be accessed when it is connected to a computer.
  • You can also have other options like Firewall, Parental Control, etc.
  • Now, we have seen What Is The Difference Between A Modem And A Router