Why Does My Simplisafe Base Station Blinking

  • Simplisafe is an American home security company, based in Boston.
  • It was rated as one of the best security systems in 2019 by Business Insider. 
  • It ensures top-class protection, live monitoring from professionals 24/7, and has an auto dispatch for emergency services. 
  • Simplisafe protects from not only intruders but also a lifesaver during natural calamities. 
  • It is equipped with state of the art HD security cameras.
  • One of the common errors occurring in the Simplisafe device is the rapid blinking of the base station in random colors.
  • Here are some issues that respond to the constant blinking of the base station.
  • The Base station LED comes with a total of 10 colors.
  • The common blinking errors are,
  • Slow red pulse
  • Continuous red pulse
  • Blue pulse

Slow red pulse

  • Check keypad for details. It might be as a result of power outages or some radio interference. 
  • Wait until your house gets back it’s power and the SimpliSafe will start up automatically. 
  • In case of Radio interference, try moving other electronic devices away from your base station.

Continuous red pulse

  • The red LED indicates the alarm you have set for your Simplisafe base station.
  • The pulse will last for 1-2 minutes before the LED turns solid red.

Blue pulse

  • The blue pulse in Simplisafe indicates that the base station and the keypad lost it’s pairing.
  • Try moving your base station closer to the proximity range.
  • The unpairing could also be as a result of battery power.
  • You can change the batteries to your base station.
  • The battery panel is located at the bottom of the base station.
  • Unscrew the panel in an anti-clockwise direction and replace the batteries.
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