Why Is Alexa Not Playing Music?

Why Is Alexa Not Playing Music

If your Alexa-supported Amazon Echo device is not playing music, it might be due to several reasons. To point at one particular reason for the issue and fix it, you must do the following checks before proceeding to the solutions given on this page. Let us see Why Is Alexa Not Playing Music and how to fix it.

Basic Alexa Checkup:

  • Check if your Alexa is connected to the adapter and is turned on.
  • Check if your Alexa is connected to your home wireless network.
  • Check the light bar of the Alexa device. It should be in blue. If it is red in color, the microphone of the Alexa is turned off.

Solution :

Restart the device:

  • Power off the Echo device.
  • Disconnect it from the power source; wait for few minutes.
  • Connect the device again to the power source.
  • Turn on the device.

Choose prime as your default music provider:

  • Open the Alexa App and tap the three-dotted icon (hamburger) on the left side of the display.
  • Open Settings > Music > Default Services > Amazon Music.
  • This setting works when you have multiple music players connected to your Alexa app.

Confirm the subscription & country:

  • Open any default browser and go to Amazon’s official website.
  • Sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Go to Settings > Manage Your Content > Country Settings > Preference > Country/Region Settings, and click Change button.
  • Set the country code in Update your default kindle store to Amazon section.

Set firewall ports:

  • Find the IP address of your device.
  • Open the default browser, enter the IP address of your device, and press Enter.
  • Type the router’s Username and Password.
  • On the setting page, select Port Forwarding.
  • Refer and open the following ports if available: 123, 443, 4070, 5353, 33434, 40317, 49317.

Deregister Alexa from the app:

  • Open the Alexa application and select the Devices icon on the right corner.
  • Select the Echo & Alexa icon and then select the account name as registered.
  • On the app, scroll down and select the Deregister button.
  • Once deregistered, again register your account in the Alexa app. Now we have identified why Is Alexa Not Playing Music and how to fix it.