Why Is My Amazon Echo Dot Flashing Yellow?

The smaller, yet effective version of Amazon Echo --- the Amazon Echo Dot --- is a compact smart speaker. You might see a ring of light on the top of the smart speaker. These lights are the only indication for us to know the status of Amazon Echo Dot. The lights can be seen in blue, green, or yellow colors.

Amazon Echo Dot Flashing Yellow
  • The yellow light on the Amazon Echo device indicates that you have a new message or notification. Simply, say ‘What are my notifications?’ or ‘What are my messages?’ to read the messages.
  • This will stop the Amazon Echo Dot flashing yellow light.
  • If needed, you can customize the notification settings using the Alexa application on your smartphone.

The steps to install the Amazon Alexa application to control the Amazon Echo Dot are given here for your reference.

  • Open the Play Store application on your Android mobile phone, search for the Amazon Alexa application, and select the same from the search result.
  • Tap the Install option, followed by the Open option.
  • This will install and launch the Amazon Alexa application on the Android mobile phone.
  • If you use an iPhone, you can download this application from the App Store.

The quick instructions to customize the notification settings using the Amazon Alexa application are mentioned below.

  • Navigate to Menu that is present at the upper-left end of the screen.
  • Tap the Settings option, followed by the Device Settings option.
  • Select your device and tap the Communications option.
  • Turn off the toggle switch beside the Communications option.
  • You will see the Disabled for this device message on the screen.
  • This will prevent the Amazon Echo device from getting notifications or messages.
  • Now we have seen how to stop Amazon Echo Dot Flashing Yellow light.