Why Is My Amazon Fire Tv Blinking?

Amazon Fire TV is a trending digital media player that streams videos over the internet and favorite programs from the TV channels. Besides that, you can install video games and surf the web. The LED indicator denotes the activity or status of the Amazon device. Continue reading to learn why the Amazon Fire TV light indicator is blinking.

Amazon Fire Tv Blinking

Amazon Fire TV blinking white light:

  • After you set up the Amazon Fire TV, the white light blinks, which indicates the setup is correct, and the device is turning on.
  • In case the white light does not appear, check the power cable connected to the device.
  • Disconnect the power cable and connect it to some other power socket.

1. Flashing for 30 to 40 seconds

  • When the physical device connection is made, you have to update the device software.
  • Go to the Settings menu on the main screen and select My Fire TV.
  • Following that, choose the About menu and click Check for Updates.
  • While the device is updating, the LED indicator light blinks amber indicating the update process.
  • The light goes off once the update is completed.

2. Flashes eight times

  • If the amber light blinks eight times, then there is an issue with the network connection of the Amazon device.
  • When you are using a wired network connection, check if the network cable ends are secure.
  • For a wireless network connection, verify the network name and password of the connection.
  • Make sure the Amazon TV is within the range of the wireless router network.
  • In case the internet service is not stable, contact the internet service provider and check the service.