Simplisafe Base Station Flashing Red

  • The base station is the main component of the SimpliSafe lock and the video camera doorbell.
  • The base station should be connected to the power outlet to connect it to a wireless connection.
  • The base station works when it is placed near the window that enables more connection coverage.
  • Some error occurring in the Simplisafe device is that the base station is blinking rapidly in random colors.
  • Here are some issues that respond to the constant blinking of the base station.
  • The Base station LED comes with a total of 10 colors.
  • The common blinking errors are:
  • Slow red pulse
  • Continuous red pulse
  • Blue pulse
Simplisafe Base Station Flashing Red

Slow red pulse

  • The solution to your question is:
  • Minor error: Check keypad for further details.
  • The minor error might be as a result of power outages or due to some radio interference.
  • Please wait until the house gets back it’s power and the SimpliSafe will start up automatically once it is paired to the Wi-Fi.
  • In case of Radio interference, try moving other electronic devices away from your base station.

Continuous red pulse

  • The red LED indicates the alarm you have set for your simplisafe base station.
  • The pulse will last for 1-2 minutes before the LED turns solid red.
  • You can simply turn off the alarm. Wait for the light to go, and the LED on base station will be remain solid.
  • For assistance in resolving the Simplisafe Base Station Flashing Red issue, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.