Why My Nvidia Shield Won't Turn On?

Nvidia Shield, also called the shield TV, shield, Android TV, shield console, or just Nvidia shield, is an Android-based TV digital player that is marketed and produced by Nvidia as a part of the shield products for Android devices. It was first launched in May 2015 and sold as a micro-console based on its ability to enjoy and play downloaded games from a compatible PC on a Local Area Network. Like all other Android TV devices, it also allows you to stream content from various sources, and easily supports 4K resolution video. Google Assistant support requires a new iteration of the Shield Controller. As of June 2018, Nvidia released a new version to Android 8.0 Oreo. If the Nvidia Shield TV doesn’t power up at all so for Nvidia shield won't turn on, then there are chances for a faulty power outlet, insecure connections, remote control failure, or hardware issues. Some quick troubleshooting instructions are given here to fix the power issues for Nvidia TV.

Nvidia Shield Won't Turn On

When you find out that there is nothing on the screen when you try to use your SHIELD TV, try the troubleshooting steps below.

  • Check to see if the Shield TV is connected and plugged in properly to your power outlet.
  • Before fix the the issue Nvidia shield won't turn on, check if the HDMI cable and the power cord are securely connected.
  • Check if the TV is turned on. The LED will be illuminated to green if the connection is on.
  • Make sure the shield TV is not in the sleeping mode.
  • Check if the TV’s source input goes on with the HDMI port where the shield is plugged in.
  • The HDMI ports are usually available at either the sides or the back of the TV.
  • You can keep changing the input source until the HDMI input is set to the TV.
  • If you cannot find the connection in one HDMI port, try shifting it to another port.
  • You can change the source or the input on the TV to match it with the new port.
  • You can try using a different HDMI cable. The high-speed cables are usually 3m in length and are recommended the most.
  • Check to see if your TV has an HDCP- compatible HDMI port.
  • Update to the latest SHIELD system version and TV firmware with the Shield login credentials online.
  • Some HDMI cables may not support a particular video format, and you can connect the HDMI cable to the TV without the help of an adapter.

Restart Your Shield

  • If your shield TV is unresponsive, your shield TV is on, but the devices are in sleep mode.
  • You will see the light on top of the Shield TV in green, indicating that the device is turned on after fix the issue Nvidia shield won't turn on.
  • If your Shield TV doesn’t wake up, you can recheck the power connections.
  • Unplug all the cables connected to the TV and wait for at least 20 seconds before plugging them back in.
  • Wait until you notice the device getting some power.

Factory Reset

  • Once you start operating the Shield TV, make sure to reset the device to its factory settings to avoid further conflict with the connection.
  • Follow the steps given below to perform a factory reset on your Nvidia Shield TV.
  • Select the Settings option from the home screen; the icon is at on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Device option and select Storage & Reset option.
  • Locate and select Factory data reset settings from the list.
  • Select the Factor reset data button again.
  • Your device settings will be wiped clean, and all the data saved in the device will be erased and also fix the issue Nvidia shield won't turn on.